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Focus on Hans Bellmer
0814 19 01 01

When Hitler came to power, the German artist Hans BELLMER (born March 13, 1902 in Katowice, [part of the then German Federal Empire] and died February 23, 1975 in Paris) engaged in a subversive process that aimed to undermine the myth of anatomical perfection extolled by the Third Reich. He dismembered the body of his doll and rebuilt it in incongruous combinations that evoked a feeling of “uncanny strangeness” described by Freud.
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Christian DURIAUD (1944) - Guitare bleue et 3 oranges
Christian DURIAUD
Auction ends on 08/31/2014 06:56 (GMT+00:00) Europe/London
In process : 400 €
Paul Alexander VAN RIJ (1957) - Factory 2
Paul Alexander VAN RIJ
Auction ends on 08/19/2014 23:00 (GMT+00:00) Europe/London
In process : 2,550 €
Maryline BEAUPLET-DORNIC (1980) - Heavy Cross
Auction ends on 08/23/2014 22:00 (GMT+00:00) Europe/London
In process : 99 €
Marcel BEECKMAN (1939) - Who are you ?
Auction ends on 08/22/2014 23:00 (GMT+00:00) Europe/London
In process : 2,650 €
Maria ES (1949) -
Maria ES
Auction ends on 08/29/2014 01:00 (GMT+00:00) Europe/London
In process : 1,850 €
Francesco RUSPOLI (1958) - Love and Lust
Francesco RUSPOLI
Auction ends on 08/29/2014 01:00 (GMT+00:00) Europe/London
In process : 5,100 €
Paul Alexander VAN RIJ (1957) - Driftwood 29
Paul Alexander VAN RIJ
Auction ends on 08/28/2014 01:00 (GMT+00:00) Europe/London
In process : 3,250 €
ATCHAMA (1952) - l'attente
Auction ends on 08/29/2014 09:00 (GMT+00:00) Europe/London
In process : 1,200 €
Slav NEDEV (1967) - In the Park II
Auction ends on 08/31/2014 17:19 (GMT+00:00) Europe/London
Starting bid : 680 €
Anselma BUELER (1970) - Lang kopje koffie
Anselma BUELER
Auction ends on 08/29/2014 01:00 (GMT+00:00) Europe/London
In process : 3,850 €
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