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Ben SZLAK (1980) - Woman getting angry
Audiovisual-Multimedia Digital art
Auction ends in {{days}}d  {{hours}}h  {{minutes}}min  {{seconds}}s  34min 8s
111 $
Liguori VACHON (1944-2010) - Trop plein
Painting Acrylic
Auction ends in {{days}}d  {{hours}}h  {{minutes}}min  {{seconds}}s  36min 8s
3,780 $
Mary WASTIE (XX) - Country Scene
Painting Oil
Auction ends in {{days}}d  {{hours}}h  {{minutes}}min  {{seconds}}s  40min 8s
31 $
Georges Carlos COMNENÉ (XIX-XX) - vasque avec fleurs
Painting Oil/canvas
Auction ends in {{days}}d  {{hours}}h  {{minutes}}min  {{seconds}}s  43min 8s
992 $
In-Sook KIM (1969) - Saturday Night
Photography C print
Auction ends in {{days}}d  {{hours}}h  {{minutes}}min  {{seconds}}s  1h 8min 8s
3,659 $
Elissa DORFMAN (1950) - Green Expanded Face
Drawing-Watercolor Watercolour
Auction ends in {{days}}d  {{hours}}h  {{minutes}}min  {{seconds}}s  1h 21min 7s
300 $
Paul Alexander VAN RIJ (1957) - Barcelona Wall III
Painting Acrylic
Auction ends in {{days}}d  {{hours}}h  {{minutes}}min  {{seconds}}s  1h 37min 7s
5,520 $
Kino MISTRAL (1943) - Parmenide metafisico
Painting Mixed media
Auction ends in {{days}}d  {{hours}}h  {{minutes}}min  {{seconds}}s  2h 12min 7s
248 $
Francesco GIRALDI (1960) - Filo Spinato
Painting Oil
Auction ends in {{days}}d  {{hours}}h  {{minutes}}min  {{seconds}}s  4h 21min 7s
744 $
Zbigniew MAKOWSKI (1930) - Wszystkie Drogi
Drawing-Watercolor Gouache
Auction ends in {{days}}d  {{hours}}h  {{minutes}}min  {{seconds}}s  4h 29min 7s
800 $
Drawing-Watercolor Mixed media/paper
Auction ends in {{days}}d  {{hours}}h  {{minutes}}min  {{seconds}}s  5h 52min 7s
1,860 $
Francisco VIDAL (1946) - Girl on the beach
Painting Acrylic
Auction ends in {{days}}d  {{hours}}h  {{minutes}}min  {{seconds}}s  5h 50min 24s
2,400 $
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