biography of Sandor KLEIN (1912-1995)

Birth place: NYC

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Painter, sculpture

Studied: NAD; Acad. Julian, Paris, France; Beaux-Arts, Paris; Acad. FA, Vienna; Royal Acad. Art, Budapest; Am. Acad. Rome (fellowship, 1931).

Exhibited: Paris Salon; Carnegie Int. Awards: Pulitzer Prize for Painting, 1931; silver medal, Paris Salon; medal, Int. Biennale, Venice, 1932.

Work: NGA; Albany (NY) State Mus.; Luxembourg Mus.; Coast Guard Acad., New London, CT; Pentagon, Washington, DC. Commissions: portraits of Hon. Schuyler Otis Bland, chmn Maritime & Fisheries Comn., 1946, Gen. Nathan F. Twining, chmn Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1961 & Gen. Curtis E. LeMay, USAF Chief of Staff, 1962, comn. by U.S. Govt.; portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt, comn. by Am. Cancer Soc., 1963; portrait of Pres. Armand Hammer, Occidental Petroleum Co., 1967.

Comments: Preferred medium: oils. Teaching: NAD, Beaux Arts & Acac. Julian, Paris.