biography of AY-O (1931)

Birth place: Ibaragi-Ken, Japan

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Painter, printmaker

Studied: Tokyo Kyaiku Univ., BA.

Exhibited: Galleries in Japan, 1953-1972; Happening, Japan, USA & W. Ger., 1960-1972; Environment Japan, USA, Italy & W. Ger., 1960-1970; galleries in USA, 1963-1970; Zwirmer Gallery, Ger., 1966; Mizuno Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 1970s. Awards: Sao Paulo Biennial, Brazil Bank, 1971; Tokyo Int Print Biennial, MOMA, Tokyo, 1971; Krakow Prints Biennial, Mus. d'Art Lodz Prix, 1972.

Work: Many mus. in Japan, USA, Germany, Holland and Poland. Commissions: murals, Kanazawa-Hakkey-Kaikan, 1966; Environment, Expo '70, Japan.

Comments: Teaching: assoc prof. painting, Univ. Ky., 1968-1970. Publications: auth., Rainbow passes slowly, Nantenshi Gallery, 1971; auth., Nashville skyline, 1971; auth., Ouzel, Tikuma-shobo, 1972.

Sources: WW73; Article, In: Art & Artist (London, 1967); article, In: Mizue Mag (Japan, 1970); Joseph Love, article, In: Kikan Hanga (Japan, 1971).