biography of Evangelos William FRUDAKIS (1921)

Birth place: Rains, UT

Addresses: Phila.

Profession: Sculptor, medalist

Studied: Greenwich Workshop, NYC, with Merli & Albino Cavalitto, 1935-39; Beaux Arts Inst. Design, New York, 1940-41; PAFA, with W. Hancock, P. Manship, E. J. Ferris, J. F. Harbeson, D. M. Robb & W. M. Campbell; asst. to sculptors P. Manship & J. Davidson; Cresson traveling scholarship, 1947; Henry Scheidt Mem scholarship, 1949; Louis Comfort Tiffany scholarship, 1949; Am. Acad. Rome, Italy, Prix de Rome fellowship, 1950-52.

Exhibited: PAFA, 1942-43, 1948-54; NAD Ann., 1948-63; Woodmere Art Gallery, Chestnut Hill, PA, 1955-59; PMA, 1959 & 1962; Phila. Art Alliance, 1958 (solo). Awards: Winner, Nat. Fountain Competition, Little Rock, AR, 1965; Elizabeth N. Watrous Gold Medal, 1968 & Dessie Greer Prize, 1970, NAD; gold medal & Therese-Edwin H. Rochards Prize, 1972, NSS

Member: PAFA (fellow; board managers); Am. Acad. Rome (fellow); NSS (fellow; member council); NA; Allied Artists Am.

Work: PAFA; Lehigh Valley AA; Woodmere Art Gallery; NAD; Dupont Co. Collection

Comments: Teaching: many lectures in art & sculpture demonstrations; instructor, NAD, New York; instructor, PAFA, 1971. Research: collaborated research on reconstruction of statues of Roman Forum; viewings of Michelangelo's Rondanini Pieta.

Sources: WW73; Falk, Exh. Record Series.