biography of Frederick Kimball MIZEN (1888-1965)

Birth place: Chicago

Death place: Chicago

Addresses: River Forest, IL

Profession: Painter, illustrator, cartoonist, teacher

Studied: J.F. Smith Acad., Chicago, with W. Ufer, 1904-06; AIC with Clute, Vanderpoel; Taos, again with Ufer, 1935.

Member: Soc. for Sanity in Art; Oak Park, River Forest Art Lg.; Chicago Guild Artists

Work: advertising, for U.S. Treasury, Coca-Cola, General Tire.

Comments: Illustr.: Saturday Evening Post, Cosmopolitan. Teaching: founder, Mizen Acad. Art, Chicago, 1936; Taos (summers; Baylor Univ., 1952-60. After 1939 Mizen limited his own paintings to portraits.

Sources: WW40; P&H Samuels, 328 (lists alternate deathdate of 1965).