biography of John R. GRABACH (1886-1981)

Birth place: Newark, NJ or Greenfield, MA

Death place: Irvington, NJ

Addresses: Greenfield, MA; Irvington, NJ

Profession: Painter, educator

Studied: ASL, with George B. Bridgeman, Frank V. DuMond, Kenyon Cox & H. August Schwabe.

Exhibited: Newark Pub. Lib, 1909; NAD, 1913-15, 1920-26, 1944-45, 1949-51, 1962-67, 1968 (solo), 1969-72; Pan-Pacific Expo, San Francisco, 1915; AIC, 1915, 1923-24 (Peabody prize, 1928), 1935, 1944; AIC, 1928 (solo); PAFA, 1914-18, 1921-36 (Sesnan gold medal, 1927); CI, 1915, 1923-39, 1944; Phila. AC, 1919-26, 1932, 1935; Newark (NJ) Mus., 1920; Indianapolis AA, 1921-26, 1929-30;Soc. Indep. Artists, 1920-21; Artist's Coop. Gal., NYC, 1922; Civic Club, NYC, 1922; Salons of America,1922-23; Corcoran Gal., 1916, 1923-30, 1932 (silver medal), 1935-37, 1941; Detroit IA, 1923, 1927; Newark AC, 1924; Cincinnati Mus. Assoc., 1925; CMA, 1925, 1927, 1931-32; LACMA, 1925, 1927 (Preston Harrison prize); Mem. Art Gal., Rochester, NY, 1925, 1929; Art Soc. Hudson County, 1926; TMA, 1927-29, 1936; Albright-Knox Gal., Buffalo, NY, 1929; Concord (MA) Art Center, 1930; Highland Park Gal., Dallas, TX, 1931; Circulating Picture Club, Phila. Art All., 1932; Greenbrier Gal., West VA, 1933; Kresge Dept. Store Gal., 1936 (prize); NYWF, 1939; Montclair Art Mus, 1940, 1951; Grand Central Gals., NYC, 1953 (solo); Nat. Arts Club, NYC, 1955; Springfield (MA) Art Mus.; Audubon Artists, 1950-60 (R. Stern rize, 1950s); SC, 1962-63 (awards, incl. Louis Seley Prize); Sloan School, South Orange, NJ, 1962-66 (also solos); Heritage Arts, South Orange, NJ, 1969-73; Seton Hall, Univ., South Orange, NJ, 1969 (solo); Gallery 9, Chatham, NJ, 1974 (solo); Joseph Dawley Gal, NJ, 1977.

Member: North Shore AA; AEA; Phila. WCC; Audubon Artists; SC; NAD; Irvington Art Mus. Assn (dir.)

Work: Phila. Art All.; AIC; Vanderpoel AA, Chicago; John Herron AI, Indianapolis; CGA; IBM; Biro Bidjan State Mus., Russia.

Comments: Positions: designer, New Jersey silverware manufacturing firms, 1904-12; designer, Rogers, Lunt, and Bowlen Co., Greenfield, MA, 1912-15; teacher, Newark School Fine & Indust. Art, Hull School Art, Union, NJ, Sloan School, South Orange, NJ, Heritage Arts, South Orange, NJ. Author: How to Draw the Human Figure, Dell Publ. Co., NYC, 1957. There have been conflicts about his birthyear: records at the funeral home from which he was buried cite a birthdate of March 2, 1885; however, his 1911 marriage certificate and 1920 census report confirm the March 2, 1886 date.

Sources: WW73; WW47; add'l info courtesy of Edwin Hooker, Glen Ridge, NJ; Falk, Exh. Record Series.