biography of Amalia COUDERT (1873-1933)

Birth place: Terre Haute, IN

Death place: Teritet, Montreaux, Switzerland

Addresses: London, England, 1896; NYC, 1913

Profession: Miniature painter

Studied: Mme. de Silva and Mrs. Bradford, NYC

Exhibited: RA, London, 1896 (as Miss Amalia Küssner)

Comments: Began career as staff artist at Tiffany Studios of New York. Later, established on her own, she received commissions for portrait miniatures from royalty and notables in New York, Chicago, and European capitals, including the Hon. Cecil Rhodes in South Africa and King Edward VII of England. She was a resident-guest in the Royal Palace at Moscow while painting portraits of the Czar, Grande-Duchesse Olga and others of the Imperial family. Married Charles DuPont Coudert in 1900. Her funeral was held in Surrey, England. Also appears as Amalia Küssner.

Sources: WW13; Petteys, Dictionary of Women Artists; Graves, RA.