biography of Emile Albert GRUPPÉ (1896-1978)

Birth place: Rochester, NY

Addresses: Gloucester, MA/winters in Jeffersonville, VT

Profession: Painter, teacher

Studied: ASL; NAD; Grande Chaumière, Paris; and with John F. Carlson, Richard Miller, George Bridgman, C. Chapman, Charles Hawthorne

Exhibited: NAD, 1916-38; All. Artists Am., 1934-44 (prize), 1945-52; AIC, 1913, 1915,1920; Springville, UT, 1928 (prize), 1946 (prize); Guilford, CT, 1939 (prize); Salmagundi Club, prizes, 1941, 1953, 1958, 1959, 1967; Meriden Arts & Crafts, 1939 (prize), 1946 (prize); Audubon Artists, 1944-52; North Shore AA, 1922-52 (prize, 1939), 1958 (prize); CAFA, 1913-52; Rockport AA, 1925-52, 1956 (prize), 1957 (prize); New Haven PCC, 1933, 1935 (prize), 1936-38 (prize), 1939 (prize), 1940 (prize), 1941-52; SC, 1916-52; Bridgeport AA, 1940 (prize); Ogunquit AC, 1941 (prize); Jordan Marsh, 1943 (medal, prize); Miami Beach AC, 1952; Findlay Gal., Chicago, 1946, 1948, 1950-51; Lieber Gal., Indianapolis, 1950; J.L. Hudson Gal., Detroit, 1948, 1950; Brodhead Gal., Rochester, NY, 1948; Champlain Valley Exhib., 1949 (prize); Academic Artists, Springfield, 1953 (prize); Hollywood, CA, 1955 (prize); McNichols Gal., Naples, FL. Other awards: Ranger Fund purchase prizes, 1949, 1953.

Member: SC; North Shore AA, 1929-78; Gloucester SA; Rockport AA; All. Artists Am.; Longboat Key AA; Sarasota AA; Grand Central Art Gal.; Rochester AA; Audubon Artists; Northern Vermont Artists; New Haven PCC; CAFA; Meriden Arts & Crafts; St. Augustine AA; Academic Artists, Springfield, MA; Woodstock AA

Work: Los Angeles Mus. Art; Witte Mem. Mus.; Univ. Idaho; Webber College, Smith College, Northampton, MA; San Antonio (TX) Mus.; New Haven PCC; DeCordova & Dana Mus., Lincoln, MA; White House, Washington, DC; Silverman College, Montreal, Canada; Montclair Art Mus.; Mechanics Inst., Rochester, NY; Greenbrier College, Lewisburg, WV; Springville, UT; J.B. Speed Mus. Art; Butler AI; Swope Gal. Art; Rockford (IL) H.S.; Murals: Gloucester Nat. Bank; Calloway Mills, LaGrange, GA; MacDonalds, Beverly, MA

Comments: Impressionist painter, son of landscape painter Charles P. Gruppe (see entry). Best known for his views of fishing boats docked at Gloucester and Rockport, and for his Rockport village scenes. Founder of the Gruppe Summer School, Gloucester, MA, 1942.

Sources: WW59; WW47; Artists of the Rockport Art Association (1946); add'l info courtesy North Shore AA; Woodstock AA.