biography of Charles BIEDERMAN (1906-2004)

Birth place: Cleveland, Ohio

Addresses: Red Wing, MN

Profession: Sculptor

Studied: apprenticed to a commercial art studio in Cleveland, 1922-26; AIC, 1926-29.

Exhibited: Pierre Matisse Gal, NYC, 1936 (1st solo); "Five Contemporary Concretionists" organized by A.E. Gallatin in 1936 and later shown at Gal. Pierre, Paris, and Mayor Gal, London; Arts Club, Chicago, 1941 (solo); WMAA, 1964, 1966; Walker Art Ctr, Minneapolis, 1965 (retrospective), 1976 (retrospective); Hayward Gallery, London, 1969 (retrospective); Gallery 1912, Minneapolis, 1971 (solo). Awards: Sikkens Paintworks Award, 1962; Ford Foundation purchase award, 1964; Natl Council Arts Grant, 1966

Work: Tate Gallery, London; Kriller-Müller Mus, Otterlo, Holland; Walker Art Ctr, Minneapolis; Des Moines Art Cntr; Univ E. Anglia, Norwich, Eng. Commissions: three constructionist pieces, Interstate Medical Clinic, Red Wing, MN, 1940; work in public plaza, Nat Endowment Arts, Red Wing, MN, 1971.

Comments: He became an abstract painter of biomorphism in NYC in 1934. By 1937, his style had gradually turned to geometric abstraction, employing reliefs and collages of various materials. In 1973, he stated that his preferred media was painted aluminum, and that he created "three dimensional art that is neither sculpture nor painting" (WW73). Author: Art as the Evolution of Visual Knowledge, 1948; Letters on the New Art, 1951; The New Cezanne, 1958; Dialogue II, Creative or Conditioned Vision (Faber, 1968); "A Note on New Arts," Studio Intl 1970.

Sources: WW73; Jan van der Marck, Charles Biederman and the Structurist Direction in Art (Feistbundel vanderMeer, 1976); American Abstract Art, 177