biography of Emmanuel, Mac RABOY (1914-1967)

Birth place: NYC

Death place: NY (Bronx), NY

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Painter, cartoonist, graphic artist, craftsperson

Studied: NY Sch. Indst. A.; PIA Sch.

Exhibited: AIC, 1937; NA, 1938; WMAA, 1938-1941; WFNY, 1939

Member: United Am. A.

Work: MMA (wood engravings)

Comments: He produced wood engravings under the WPA, then created "Captain Marvel, Jr." for Fawcett Publications, and was art director for Spark Comics. In 1948, he signed with King Features Syndicate to draw "Flash Gordon."

Sources: WW40; Famous Artists & Writers (1949; add'l info. courtesy Anthony R. White, Burlingame, Ca.)