biography of Frederick William SIEVERS (1872-1966)

Birth place: Fort Wayne, IN

Death place: Richmond, VA

Addresses: Richmond, VA, 1892-98; Europe, 1898; NYC, 1905-10; Richmond, 1911 and after

Profession: Sculptor, craftsperson

Studied: Royal Acad. FA, Rome, Italy; Académie Julian, Paris, 1902.

Exhibited: NSS; VMFA. Awards: prizes, Royal Acad. FA, Rome.

Member: VMFA.

Work: monuments, mem., statues; Abingdon, VA; Gettysburg, PA; Richmond, VA; Vicksburg, MS; State Capitol, VA; Hall of Fame, NY; Leesburg, VA; Elmira, NY; State Capitol, Nashville, TN

Sources: WW59; WW47. More recently, see Wright, Artists in Virgina Before 1900.