biography of Guy Joseph COHELEACH (1933)

Birth place: New York, NY

Addresses: Huntington, NY

Profession: Painter, illustrator

Studied: Cooper Union, grad, with Don Eckelberry.

Exhibited: Wildlife Art of America, Frame House Gallery, Louisville, Ky, 1968 & 1972; Linnean Soc Exhib, Am Mus Natural Hist, New York, 1969; Bird Artists of the United States, Graham Gallery, New York, 1972; Bird Artists of the World, Tryon Gallery, London, Eng, 1972; Graham Gallery, New York, NY, 1970s. Awards: Blue ribbon awards for Peregrine, 1969, Great Horned Owl, 1970 & Leopard Stare, 1971, Printing Indust Am.

Member: Soc Animal Artists; Explorer's Club; African Safari Club; Adventure's Club.

Work: Nat Wildlife Gallery, Washington, DC; Nat Audubon Soc; Am. Mus Nat Hist; Dean Amadon Collection; Beware, presented to President Nixon. Commissions: Snowy Egrets, Nat Audubon Soc, 1968; American Eagle, US Govt, presented to Vice President Agnew, 1971; Elephant, African Safari Club Washington, DC, for President Nixon, 1972; Leopard and Elephant, World Wildlife Fund, 1972; Elephant and Leopard, Mzuri Safari Found, 1972.

Comments: Preferred Media: Oils, Tempera. Publications: Illusr, Audubon, 1965-; illusr, Saturday Evening Post, 1967; illusr, Nat Wildlife Mag, 1967-; illusr, Readers Digest, 1967-; illusr, Int Wildlife Mag, 1971-.

Sources: WW73; Les Line, Guy Coheleach, Audubon Mag (1967); RB Kirkpatrick, National Wildlife visits Guy Coheleach", Nat Wildlife Mag (1970); Herman Kitchen," Guy Coheleach and the bald eagle," Unit One Films, 1970."