biography of William CARRIGAN (1868-1939)

Birth place: San Francisco, CA

Death place: Falla Villfw, CT

Addresses: Falls Village, CT/NYC

Profession: Landscape painter

Studied: Emil Carlsen.

Exhibited: Vickery, Atkins & Torrey, San Francisco, 1908; PAFA, 1910-26; Corcoran Gal, 1914-37; AIC; Wash. SAA, 1914 (med); Pan.-Pac. Expo, 1915 (med); New Haven PCC, 1934 (prize); Stockbridge Exh., 1934 (prize); GGE, 1939; S.Indp.A.;

Member: ANA, 1936; CAFA; AFA

Work: dec., St. Tiago da Espada, Portugal

Sources: WW38; Hughes, Artists of California, 94; Falk, Exhibition Record Series