biography of William Samuel HORTON (1865-1936)

Birth place: Grand Rapids, MI

Death place: Paris

Addresses: NYC; Paris, France

Profession: Landscape painter, writer

Studied: AIC; ASL; NAD; Acad. Julian, Paris, with B. Constant, J.P. Laurens, 1893-96

Exhibited: NAD, 1888-96; Boston AC, 1890; PAFA, 1890-1912 (9 times); Paris Salon, 1895, 1897-99; Gal. George Petit, and Gal. Bernheim Jeune, Paris, 1898-WWI (many solos); AIC, 1897-1909; Int. Expo, Nantes, 1904 (gold); Orleans, 1905 (med.); Gal. Charpentier, Paris, 1939 (retrospective); Knoedler Gal., NYC, 1974 (solo); Robt. Rice Gal., Houston, 1979; Hammer Gal., NYC, 1981 (solo); Vose Gal., Boston, c.1980s (solo).

Member: NYWCC; SC; AFA; Société Moderne, Soc. Int., Salon d' Automne, all in Paris.

Work: Bradford Mus., England; Luxembourg Mus.; Nat. Mus., Wash., DC; BM; Bootles Mus., Liverpool, England; Nat. Mus, Stockholm; MusÈe du Jeu de Paume, MusÈe Carnavalet, both in Paris

Comments: Horton was a wealthy man, and a friend of famous artists such as Monet, Degas, Derain, and other Impressionists. After his early Paris exhibitions he rarely allowed his works to be sold. He returned to NYC, c.1924-30, then traveled the world. When he died, his estate contained more than 1,000 oils, pastels, and watercolors.

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