biography of Anna Parker DIXWELL (1847-1885)

Birth place: Jamaica Plain, MA

Death place: Paris, France.

Profession: Painter, etcher

Studied: Dr. Wm. Rimmer, William M. Hunt, and Helen Knowlton in Boston; Emili- Auguste Carolus-Duran 1874-1875, in Paris ; etching with Otto H. Bacher, Europe, 1880 (Florence, Italy); toured Europe, 1881; with Emil Carlsen in Boston, 1882; Acad. Julian, Paris, 1885, with Wm. A. Bouguereau, T. Robert-Fleury, and Giacommotti; ASL

Exhibited: PAFA, 1882-84; J.E. Chase Gal., Boston, 1882, 1884 (solo); Williams & Everett Gal., 1882; Paris Salon, 1885; Woman Etchers of America," NYC, 1888; NAD, 1880, 1884; NY Etching Club; SC; PAFA; Phila. SA; BAC; Mass. Charitable Mechanic Assoc.; New England Manufacturers' and Mechanics' Inst.; Cincinnati Indus. Expos, 1883; Kunst-Ausstellung, Munich, 1883;"Contemporaneous Am. Art," BMFA, 1883 "

Comments: Painted flowers and New England farmhouses. A member of Committee of Design for the School of Art Needlework at Boston Mus. of Fine Arts. May have joined Duveneck, Bacher and the group of Duveneck Boys" in Venice. Eight of her etchings were included in the "Women Etchers of America" exhibition, but none has yet been located.

Sources: P. Peet, Am. Women of the Etching Revival, 54-55; Fink, American Art at the Nineteenth-Century Paris Salons, 338."