biography of Jacques Joseph CAMINS (1904-1988)

Birth place: Odessa, Russia

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Painter, printmaker

Studied: Paris, France; ASL; special study with Jean Liberty & Byron Browne; Pratt Graphics Ctr., with Naoko.

Exhibited: Veverly Gallery, NYC, 1964; Cript Gallery, Columbia Univ., 1965; 50th Anniversary Audubon Artists at the Nat. Acad. Galleries, 1967; AEA Gallery, 1971; East Coast Gallery, Provincetown, MA, 1970s; Provincetown Art Assn., many years.

Member: AEA; Provincetown Art Assn.; ASL; Westbeth Graphics Workshop; Am. Fedn. Arts.

Work: Israel Mus., Jerusalem; Negev Mus., Bersheba, Israel; Fr. Embassy Cult. Inst. in Israel; Mem. Art Mus. & Gallery of Lidice, Czech.; Tel-Aviv Univ.

Comments: Preferred media: oils. Teaching: instr. painting, Lakewood, NJ, Bd. Educ., 1967.

Sources: WW73; Frank Crotty, profiles, In: Worchester Sunday Telegram & Provincetown Advocate, 1965; Barbara Sloan, profile, The Observer (1967).