biography of Richard Fayerweather BABCOCK (1887-1954)

Birth place: Denmark, IA

Addresses: Evanston, IL

Profession: Designer, illustrator, writer, lecturer, teacher, painter

Studied: AIC; John Herron AI; Weinhold and Eisengraber Sch. Painting, St├Ądtische Gewerbeschule, both in Munich.

Exhibited: AIC (solo); Hoosier Salon.

Member: ASL, Chicago; Chicago WCC; Chicago Art Guild; Cliff Dwellers Club; Soc. Chicago P. & S.

Work: Legler Library, Munich; Art League, Chicago.

Comments: Illus., natural history subjects; Encyclopaedia Britannica; Compton's Encyclopaedia and World Book. Position: teacher, Chicago Acad. FA.

Sources: WW53; WW47; Ness & Orwig, Iowa Artists of the First Hundred Years, 20.