biography of Elias GROSSMAN (1898-1947)

Birth place: Kobryn, Russia

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Painter, graphic artist, printmaker, lecturer

Studied: Educ. All. Art School; CCNY; ASL; CUA School; W. Starkweather; R. Ligeron, in Paris.

Exhibited: Salons of Am., 1926; NAC, 1938, 1939; Grand Central Art Gal., 1939, 1940; Maryland Inst., 1939; LOC, 1944 (prize); NAD; SAE; Milch Gal.(solo).

Member: SAE.

Work: British Mus.; Jewish Theological Seminary, NYC; Tel-Aviv Mus., Palestine; BMFA; LOC; MMA; FMA; BM; NY Hist. Soc.; NYPL; Los Angeles MA; Maryland Inst.

Comments: Author: An Etcher's Intimate Album," 1938.

Sources: WW47; WW53"