biography of A.T., Mrs. OAKES (c.1826-c.1886)

Birth place: New York

Addresses: NYC, 1852; Boston, 1854; San Francisco, c.1855-appears to have still been there 1860; NYC, by 1865

Profession: Landscape painter

Exhibited: Mechanical Inst. Fair, San Francisco, 1857; NAD, 1852, 1854, 1865-86; Brooklyn AA, 1867-68; 1876

Work: NMAA; Calif. Hist. Soc.

Comments: She was one of California's first professional woman artists, and after she moved to New York in the mid 1860s exhibited landscapes painted in the Catskill Mountains, and in Switzerland.

Sources: G&W; Cowdrey, NAD; 7 Census (1860: lists an M. Oaks, female artist, 34, living in San Francisco), Cal., VII, 437; information courtesy Mrs. J. J. Van Nostrand, Berkeley. More recently, see Hughes, Artists in California, 409; Petteys, Dictionary of Women Artists.