biography of John Harrison LEVEE (1924-2017)

Birth place: Los Angeles, CA

Addresses: Paris 6, France

Profession: Painter, sculptor

Studied: Art Center Sch. & Chenard Sch., Los Angeles; Univ. Calif., Los Angeles(B.A., 1948); New Sch. Soc. Research with Stuart Davis, Abe Rattner, & Kunyoshi, 1948-49; Acad. Julian, Paris, 1949-51; Grand Prix, 1951.

Exhibited: Salon de Mai, Paris, 1954-; Salon Réalitiés, Paris, 1954-; Carnegie Int., 1955-58; Corcoran Gal. biennials, 1957-63 (4 times); MoMA 1957 ("New Acquisitions"), 1958 ("Young Am Painters"); WMAA, 1957, 1959, 1965; PAFA Ann., 1964; Emmerich Gal., NYC & Margo Leavin Gal, Los Angeles, 1970s. Awards: Grand Prix, First Biennial Paris, 1959; purchase award, Commonwealth Virginia, 1966; Ford fellowship, Tamarind Workshop, 1969.

Work: MoMA; WMAA; Guggenheim Mus.; Corcoran Gal.; Walker AC, Minneapolis. Commissions: wall for arch., Chateau Vaudreuil, Paris, 1971-72; walls for Bank Credit Comn., Paris, 1972-73.

Comments: Preferred media: acrylics, plexiglass. Teaching: Univ. Illinois, 1964-65;, Wash. Univ., 1967; NY Univ. 1967-68; Univ. So. Calif., 1970. Collection: African, Pre-Columbian & contemp. painting & sculpture.

Sources: WW73; Seuphor, Dictionary of Abstract Art (1957); Reed, A Concise History of Modern Art (1960); Ragon & Seuphor, History of Modern Painting (1969); Falk, Exh. Record Series.