biography of William EDMONDSON (1874-1951)

Birth place: Davidson County, KY

Death place: Nashville, TN

Profession: Sculptor, stonemaster

Studied: self-taught

Exhibited: MoMA, 1938 (solo); NY City College, 1967; La Jolla Mus. Art, 1970; Newark Mus., 1971

Work: Mus. American Folk Art, NY

Comments: Began to carve in limestone at age 50. Received commissions from WPA/FAP, 1939-41 as a result of his exhib. at the MoMA. He was hampered by arthritis thereafter.

Sources: Cederholm, Afro-American Artists; Fort, The Figure in American Sculpture, cite birthplace as Nashville, TN, 192-93 (w/repro.)