biography of Roger Joseph ARMSTRONG (1917-2007)

Birth place: Los Angeles, CA

Addresses: Laguna Niguel, CA

Profession: Painter, cartoonist

Studied: Pasadena City Col.; Chouinard Art Inst.; Sueo Serisawa Workshop and with Richard Haines, Phil Dike, Dan Lutz, Rex Brandt, Edmund Kuhn.

Exhibited: Nat. Orange Show, San Bernardino, 1950; First Ann. Orange Co. Exhib., 1963 (second award for watercolor); Calif. Nat. Watercolor Soc. Ann. & Traveling Exhibs., 1964-1969; All Calif. Exhib., Laguna Beach Art Mus., Calif., 1966-1967; International Masters of Watercolor, Dalzell-Hatfield Galleries, Los Angeles, 1967; First Ann. Pio Pico Art Festival, 1968 (first purchase award); Muckenthaler Cult Ctr., 1969 (solo); Newport Beach Munic Gallery, 1970 (solo); East Meets West Exhib., Calif. Nat. Watercolor Soc., 1972 (hon men.).

Member: Calif. Nat. Watercolor Soc. (1st v. pres., 1969, 2nd v. pres., 1970); Laguna Beach Art Assn. (dir., 1963-1966, pres. 1966-1967); Los Angeles Art Assn.; San Luis Obispo Art Assn.

Work: Comic strip Ella Cinders," United Features Syndicate; "Napoleon," Times-Mirror Syndicate; City of Santa Fe Spring, Calif; City of Pico Rivera."

Comments: Preferred media: watercolors, ink. Teaching: Instr drawing & composition watercolor painting, Laguna Beach Sch Art, 1965-; lect, history of cartooning. Publications: Auth. & illus., All Walt Disney & Warner Bros cartoon comic books, Western Publ., 1940-1950; illus., Our Country's National Parks (Bobbs-Merrill, 1941); co-auth. & illus., Ella Cinders comic strip, United Features Syndicate, 1950-1961 & Napoleon & Uncle Elby, Los Angeles Times Syndicate, 1950-1960; auth & illus., Flintstones, Little Lulu & others, Western Publ., 1960-1972.

Sources: WW73; Raymond Fisher & John Barnard, Roger Armstrong, Triple Thread Artist (World of Comic Art, 1966-67).