biography of Louis MAURER (1832-1932)

Birth place: Biebrich-on-Rhine, Germany

Death place: NYC

Addresses: NYC, 1851-on

Profession: Lithographer and painter

Studied: Mainz, Germany (drafting, anatomy, lithography, crafts); Gotham Art School, early 1880s; Wm. M. Chase at NAD, 1884 (at age 52); ASL.

Exhibited: S. Indp. A., 1917-21; Old Print Shop, NYC, 1931 (at age 99).

Comments: In 1851, he emigrated with his parents to NYC, finding work first with T.W. Strong and a few months later with Currier & Ives (see entries), with whom he remained as a staff artist for eight years. His most famous series was "The Life of a Fireman," and he also specialized in depicting the American trotting horse. In 1860 or 1861 he went to work for Major & Knapp. From 1872-84, he headed the commercial lithography firm of Maurer & Heppenheimer. After his retirement in 1884, Maurer returned to painting, studying with Wm. M. Chase. In 1885, he traveled West as Buffalo Bill Cody"s guest, and his second trip resulted in mountain landscapes and paintings of Western animals. He died at the age of 100 and a few months. His son was Alfred H. Maurer (see entry).

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