biography of Alvin Carl HOLLINGSWORTH (1928-2000)

Birth place: NYC

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Painter, educator

Studied: Music & Art H.S.; NY City College (B.A., 1956; M.A., 1959); ASL with Kuniyoshi, Ralph Fabri & Dr. Bernard Myers, 1950-52.

Exhibited: NY City College, 1957 (award); Newport AA, 1956; Jewish Mus., NYC, 1957; Bodley Gal., NY, 1958; Art USA, Madison Square Garden, NYC, 1957; Ward Eggleston Gal., NY, 1960; BM (award), 1961; Emily Lowe Award Exh., 1963 (award); Spiral Group, NY, 1964; Mus. African Art, Wash., DC (award), 1964; Traveling Exh. Black Painters Am., Univ. Calif., Los Angeles, 1966; Oakland Art Mus., 1967; Lake Forest(IL) College, 1967; Nassau Community College, LI, NY, 1968; Riverside Mus., NY, 1968; Teaneck Lib., NY, 1968; Am. Greetings Gal., NY, 1968; Minneapolis IA, 1968; High Mus., Atlanta, GA, 1969; Flint IA, 1969; Everson Mus., 1969; IBM Gal. Arts & Sciences (award), 1969; RISD, 1969; Mem. Art Gal., Rochester, NY, 1969; Lever House, 1969;15 New Voices, Hallmark Gal., New York & traveling, 1969; NAD, 1969; MMA (award), 1969; Harbor Gal., Cold Spring Harbor, NY, 1969, 1970, 1972; Contemporary Arts Mus., Houston, TX, 1970; New Jersey State Mus., Trenton, 1970; Roberson Center, 1970; Univ. Calif., Santa Barbara, 1970; Staten Island Mus., 1970; BMFA, 1970; Am. Black Painters, WMAA, New York, 1971; Smith-Mason Gal., 1971 (award); SFMA; Lee Nordness Gal., NYC & Harbor Gal., Cold Spring Harbor, NY, 1970s. Awards: Whitney Fellowship,1964; NY Univ. Artist of the Year Award.

Member: ASL; Artists Equity; Spiral

Work: Chase Manhattan Bank, New York; Brooklyn Mus. Permanent Coll., NY; IBM Coll., White Plains, NY; Williams College Art Coll.; Johnson Publ. Permanent Art Coll., Chicago. Commissions: Don Quijote limited ed. lithographs, Orig. Lithographs Inc., 1967; Don Quixote murals, Don Quixote Apts., Bronx, NY, 1969; mural, Rutgers Univ., New Brunswick, NJ, 1970.

Comments: Preferred media: acrylics, collage. Positions: art consultant & coord., Harlem Freedom Sch., Off. Econ. Opportunity, 1966-67; dir., Lincoln Inst. Gal., Lincoln Inst. Psycho-Therapy, 1966-68; art supervisor, Project Turn-On, New York, 1968-69. Teaching: H.S. Art & Design, 1961-70; ASL; Hostos Community College. Publications: auth./illustr., I'd Like the Goo-gen-heim, Regnery, 1969; co-auth., Art of Acrylic Painting, Grumbacher, 1969; illustr., The Sniper, McGraw, 1969; illustr., Black Out Loud, Macmillan, 1970; illustr., Journey, Scholastic, 1970.

Sources: WW73; Cedric Dover, American Negro Art, 61; Samella Lewis, Black Artist on Art, 71; Cederholm, Afro-Am. Artists.