biography of Elizabeth P. KORN (1900-1977)

Birth place: Germany

Addresses: Hoboken, NJ; Union City, NJ

Profession: Painter, educator

Studied: Inst. Fine & Applied Arts, Univ. Breslau, Berlin, Germanyt; E. Orlick; Mus. Fine & Applied Arts, Masterclass, Berlin; also study in Rome, Italy & Madrid, Spain; Columbia Univ.; New Sch. Social Res.; New York Univ. Inst. FA; ASL with Maurice Kantor.

Exhibited: NAD, 1942-43; AWCS, 1942-43; Newark Mus., 1943; Montclair Art Mus., 1943-45; Drew Univ., Madison, NJ, 1945; Theo. Kohn Gal., 1945; Gal. Bragaglia, Rome, Italy, 1965; Theological Sem., Drew Univ., 1969; Coleges & Univs. Traveling Exh., Emory & Henry College, VA & King College, Bristol, TN, 1969; Roko Gal., New York, 1969-71 (solos); Genesee Community College, Batavia & Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY, 1970

Member: College AA Am.; NAWA; Am. Assn. Univ. Prof.; ASL (life mem.)

Work: Plimton, Dale & Smith Lib., Columbia Univ., NYC; Newark (NJ) Mus.; Drew Univ., Madison, NJ; Prudential Ins. Co. Am., Newark, NJ; Stevens Inst. Tech., Hoboken, NJ

Comments: Preferred medium: mixed media. Teaching: Florida Presbyterian College, St. Petersburg; Emory & Henry College & King College, TN; Drew Univ., 1958-66; Newark College England; Stevens Inst. Techn.; Sacred Heart Acad.; Summit (NJ) Art Center. Collections arranged: collections for exhs. for Drew Univ. Publications: co-auth./illustr., Skippy's Family, 1945; Portraits of Famous Physicists, 1942; At Home with Children, Henry Holt, 1943; co-auth./illustr., Trailblazer to Television, Scribner; co-auth./illustr.,Apple Pie for Lewis, Aladdin Bks; co-auth./illustr., Nando of the Beach, Bruce Publ; also reports, reviews & other articles, various publications in U.S. & abroad.

Sources: WW73; WW47.