biography of Bruno MANKOWSKI (1902-1990)

Birth place: Berlin, Germany

Addresses: Whippany, NJ; NYC

Profession: Sculptor, painter, craftsman

Studied: Municipal Art Sch., Berlin, Ger.; State Art Sch., Berlin; BAID.

Exhibited: PAFA Ann., 1934, 1947-54; NJ State Exh., 1945 (prize); Studio Gld.; MMA, 1942; NSS, 1939-42, 1946; Montclair A. Mus., 1940-42, 1945; CGA, 1935, 1939; Philbrook A. Center, 1945; VMFA; WFNY, 1939; NY Bldg. Congress, 1937 (cert. of craftsmanship); NAD Ann., 1940-71; NSS Ann., 1947-71; Am. Acad. Arts & Lett., 1949-50 (grant creative work in art); All. A. Am. Ann., 1952-71 (Daniel Chester French Award, 1964). Awards: J. Sanford Saltus Silver Medal, Am. Numismatic Soc., 1960.

Member: NAD (mem. comt., 1971-73); fel. NSS (coun. mem., 1953-58 & 1971-73, chmn. exhib. comt., 1956-58); Arch. S. & Carvers; Studio Gld; life fel. Am. Numismatic Soc.; All. A. Am.; Archit. League.

Work: Am. Numismatic Soc., NYC; Smithsonian Inst. Div. Numismatics, Wash., DC; MMA; NAD; Soc. Medalists, NYC. Commissions: sculptured panel, by US Govt.-Soc. Fine Arts, Chesterfield, SC, 1939; mem. plaque, Macombs Jr. High Sch., NY, 1949; carvings, architect of capitol, Wash., DC, 1950 & 1960; designs for Steuben Glass, Steuben Glass, Corning, NY, 1954-55; medal-Asa Gray, Hall Fame Great Am., NY Univ., 1972; WPA mural, USPO, Chesterfield, SC; Dept. Agriculture, Post Office Dept., both in Wash., DC

Sources: WW73; articles, In: Am. Artists Mag. (1949-1959); rev., In: Nat. Sculpture Soc. (1953-70); Works of Art in United States Capitol (US Govt. Printing Off., 1965); WW47; Falk, Exh. Record Series.