biography of Albert SWAY (1913-2003)

Birth place: Cincinnati, OH

Addresses: Cincinnati, OH; NYC

Profession: Painter, illustrator, etcher, lithographer, cartoonist, teacher

Studied: Cincinnati Art Acad.; ASL

Exhibited: AIC, 1936, 1938; PAFA Ann., 1936; Corcoran Gal biennial, 1939; GGE, 1939; Paris Salon, 1937; Stockholm, Sweden, 1937-38; Soc. Indep. Artists, 1938; WFNY, 1939; SAE; LOC, 1943-45; Albright-Knox Art Gal., 1951; SAGA, 1951-on; Royal Soc. Painters, Etchers & Engravers, London, England, 1954; Am.-Japan Contemporary Print Exhib., Tokyo, 1967. Awards: first prize in graphics, Cincinnati Mus. Assn., 1939.

Member: Cincinnati Assn. Prof. Art; Cincinnati AC; SAE; SAGA

Work: MMA; NYPL; CI; Penn. State Univ.; Soc. New York Hospitals.

Comments: Contributor: cartoons in Saturday Review, New Yorker. Publications: illustrator, Lamb's Sectional Histories of New York State," Frank E. Richards; illustrator of filmstrips on New York State history produced by Our York State, NY, 1950-; medical illustrator, "A Syllabus for Health Visitors," Navajo Tribal Council, Arizona, 1960; medical illustrator, "Respiratory Diseases," Nat. Tuberculosis Assn., 1961; medical illustrator, "Hepatic Excretory Function" (ser. filmstrips), Am. Gastroenterol Assn., 1972; also medical illustrator in science journals. Teaching: instructor of drawing & painting, New York Hospital Lg., 1963-64.

Sources: WW73; WW47; Falk, Exh. Record Series.