biography of Joseph Alexander ADAMS (c.1803-1880)

Birth place: New Germantown, NJ

Death place: Morristown, NJ

Addresses: NYC, c.1825-47; Morristown, NJ

Profession: Wood engraver, illustrator

Studied: served apprenticeship with a printer in New Germantown; self-taught in wood engraving, with encouragement from Alexander Anderson

Exhibited: NAD, 1833-38

Member: ANA

Comments: He worked as printer after moving to NYC c. 1825. Adams later enjoyed considerable success as an illustrator. His best known work was the set of 1,600 illustrations for Harper's Illuminated Bible (1843).

Sources: G&W; DAB; N.Y. Herald, Sept. 17, 1880, obit., gives his age at death as 76; Am. Art Review, I (1880), obit., 238-42, 551; Cowdrey, NAD; NYCD 1826, 1828-47 (listed as J.A. Adams 1828-30, as John A. Adams 1831-32, otherwise as Joseph A. Adams; in 1847 listed as late engraver" and his name does not appear thereafter in NYCD which suggests he had moved to Morristown by 1847)."