biography of William Marshall SWAYNE (c.1828-1918)

Birth place: Pennsbury Township, Chester County, PA

Death place: Chester County

Addresses: Chester County, active c.1850; Washington, DC, 1859, 1864; Chester County, c.1862-1918

Profession: Sculptor

Studied: self-taught

Exhibited: Wash. AA, 1860; NAD, 1864; PAFA Ann., 1876-78

Work: Smithsonian Inst. (Pres. Lincoln); National Mus. of American Art (plaster bust of William Darling); Chester County Hist. Soc.; PAFA

Comments: He modeled his first bust in 1850, and moved to Washington, DC, where he executed busts of Lincoln and others before returning to Chester County.

Sources: G&W; Pleasants, Yesterday in Chester County Art; Works by William Marshall Swayne," in Chester County Collections, XVI (1939), 503-04; 8 Census (1860), D.C., II, 375; Falk, Exh. Record Series. More recently, see McMahan, Artists of Washington, DC