biography of Lou (Lucienne) BLOCK (1895-1969)

Birth place: NYC

Addresses: Louisville 8, KY

Profession: Painter, teacher, illustrator, writer, lecturer

Studied: NAD; ASL; and in Europe.

Exhibited: S.Indp.A., 1934; Evansville, Ind., 1954, 1955, Louisville A. Center, 1952-1958; BM, 1948; Provincetown AA, 1958. Awards: purchase prize, Kentucky & So. Indiana annual, 1952; Evansville Regional exh., 1957, others in local exhs.

Work: Univ. Louisville; murals in homes, hotels, steamships; Rikers Island, N.Y. (in collab. with Ben Shahn).

Comments: Auth./illus., to H.S. Journal; N.Y. Times; Herald Tribune; Fortune; Harpers; New Republic; Louisville Courier-Journal and others. Lectures: Contemporary Painting; Domestic Crafts; Creative Photography. Position: dir., Mural Div., WPA, 1935-37; dir., Index of Am. Design, 1937-39; adv., A. & Crafts, Nat. Youth Admin., 1939-40; Manual Arts Branch, Special Services, Dept. of Army, 1945-46; instr., painting, mural painting. Univ. Louisville, Ky.