biography of Mary Forward SARGENT (1875-1963)

Birth place: Somerset, PA

Death place: Newtown, CT

Addresses: Westport, CT

Profession: Etcher, craftsperson, sculptor, teacher, lecturer, illustrator

Studied: Penn. College for Women; ASL; Teachers College, Columbia Univ.; Inst. d'Esthétique Contemp., Paris; Central Sch. Art, London & with William P. Robbins, Paul Burner, St. Gaudens, Wickey.

Exhibited: Penn. College for Women, 1895 (gold); Morton Gal., 1939 (solo); CAFA, 1940-42, 1946; Silvermine Gld. Artists, 1940-43; Studio Gld., 1940; New England Print Assn., 1941; NAWA, 1942-43; SAE, 1942-44; NAD, 1943; LOC, 1944; Soc. Liberal Arts, Omaha, NE, 1944; PBC, 1944-46.

Member: PBC; CAFA; NAWA; Silvermine Gld. Artists.

Work: MMA; LOC; BM; Brooks Mem. Art Gal.; G.W V. Smith Art Mus; Somerset (PA) PA

Comments: Illustrator: House Beautiful. Lectures: History & Appreciation of Etching.

Sources: WW59; WW47.