biography of Charles Bradley WARREN (1903-?)

Birth place: Pittsburgh, PA

Addresses: Pittsburgh 2, PA

Profession: Sculptor

Studied: Carnegie Inst.; BAID.

Exhibited: Pittsburgh AA, 1930-41, 1950-55; Arch. Lg., 1940-42; Soc. B. Pittsburgh, 1935-45, 1950-57; NSS, 1952. Awards: prizes, Carnegie Inst., 1936, 1941; Pittsburgh AA, 1936 (prize), 1937 (prize); CI, 1936 (prize), 1941 (prize).

Member: Arch. Lg.; Pittsburgh AA; Pittsburgh Soc. Sculpture.

Work: North Carolina State College; Greek Catholic Seminary, Pittsburgh, Dept. Justice, Raleigh, NC; County Bldg., High Point, NC; Stevens Sch., Pittsburgh; Catholic H.S., Pittsburgh; St. Athanasius Church, West View, PA; St. Paul Orphanage, St. Francis Xavier, United Steelworkers Bldg., all of Pittsburgh; U.S. Steel Research Lab., Monroeville, PA; Mount St. Joseph, Wheeling, WV; many portrait reliefs; Stephen Foster Mem. Medal; St. George Activities Bldg., Pittsburgh; Kaufmann tablet, Pittsburgh; aluminum spandrel, Scott Township H.S., PA; stone panels, Prospect H.S.; medallion, Farmers Bank; Soldiers' Mem. Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh; mem., Republic, PA.

Comments: Specialties: arch. sculpture; medals.

Sources: WW59; WW47.