biography of Abraham MANIEVICH (1881/83-1942)

Birth place: Mstislavl, Mogilev, Russia

Death place: Bronx, NY

Addresses: Bronx, NY

Profession: Landscape painter

Studied: Kiev Imperial Art Acad., 1903-05; Munich Acad., 1905-07

Exhibited: Kunstverein Gal., Munich, 1907 (solo); Kiev State Mus., 1910 (solo); Soc. for Advancement of Painters, Kiev, 1907-10; Periodical Exh., Moscow, 1907-10; Vienna Secession, 1907-10; Soc. of So. Russian Painters, 1907-10; Paris Salon, 1912; Durand-Ruel Gal., Paris, 1913 (solo); solos in Moscow, Kiev, Petrograd, 1914-16; Ukrainian Art Acad., Kiev, 1917; Warsaw, Poland, 1917 (solo); Phila. A. All., 1923 (solo); Brooklyn Mus., 1923 (Russian Painters & Sculptors Exh.); Babcock Gal., NYC, 1924 (solo), 1998; Peabody Inst., Baltimore, 1924 (solo); BAC (Copley Soc.) 1925 (solo); Anderson Gal., Chicago, 1925 (solo); AIC, 1925; Carnegie Inst., 1925; Durand-Ruel Gal., NYC, 1927 (solo); BMA, 1928 (solo); Brummer Gal., NYC, 1929; Watson Gal., Montreal, 1930 (solo); Corcoran Gal. biennial, 1933; Balzac Gal., NYC, 1932 (solo); PAFA Ann., 1933, Sesquicentennial, 1957; Grace Horne Gal., Boston, 1933-34 (solos); Tavola Gal., Hartford, CT, 1935 (solo); Rudor Gal., Springfield, MA, 1935 (solo); Albright AG, Buffalo; C. Fischer Gal., NYC, 1936 (solo); Eaton Gal., Montreal, 1937 (solo); Everhart Mus., Scranton, Pa., 1937 (solo); Merritt Gal., Toronto, 1938 (solo); French Gal., NYC, 1941, 1943 (memorial); Tel-Aviv Mus., 1949; Jewish Natl. Mus. Bazalel, Jerusalem, 1950; Doll & Richards Gal., Boston, 1954; Miami MoMA, 1960; Western-Eastern MFA, 1972; Danville MFA (VA), 1980

Member: Ukrainian Art Acad. (founding professor)

Work: Brooklyn Mus.; Jewish Mus., NYC; Miami MoMA; Luxembourg Mus., Paris; Horvatt Gal., Geneva; Imperial Acad. Art, Petrograd; State Folk Mus., Moscow; Tretiakov Gal., Moscow; Gorki Mus., Moscow; State Mus. of Ukrainian Arts, Kiev; Tereschenko Mus., Kiev; Odessa MA; Kuindzi Mus., Leningrad; Leningrad Art Acad. Mus.; Russian Mus., Leningrad; Biro-Bidzhan State Mus., Russia; A. Gal. of Toronto; Jewish Nat'l Mus., Jerusalem; Harod Mus., Israel

Comments: Post-Impressionist landscape painter whose Russian-period works date from 1902-1921. His subjects were Ukrainian and Lithuanian village and country scenes, and street scenes of Moscow, Kiev, and Petrograd. After studying in Munich, he traveled throughout France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and England, painting in a bold Fauvist style. In 1913, his first solo exhibitions in Paris received critical acclaim, and he continued to exhibit with the important French Fauvists. He lived in Moscow, 1914-16, and was appointed art professor at the Ukrainian Art Academy, Kiev, in 1917. In 1921, he left revolutionary Russia for Warsaw, and in 1922 he emigrated to the US, settling in the Bronx. He traveled extensively, often walking many miles and painting regional scenes in industrial Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania mining towns, villages along the Hudson River and in Connecticut, and winter scenes in Canada. In the US, he exhibited both his Russian and American landscapes, which were acclaimed for their lyrical yet vigorous brushwork and expressive use of color.

Sources: WW40; Falk, Exh. Record Series; add'l info courtesy Ben Rifkin, Bronx, NY.