biography of Hester Miller MURRAY (1903-1984)

Birth place: Idaho Falls, ID

Death place: Hagerman, ID

Addresses: Wheaton, IL

Profession: Designer, painter, decorator

Studied: AIC; E. Miller.

Exhibited: WMAA, 1923-27; NAWPS, 1936-38; Int. WC Ann., AIC, 1939; 48 Sts. Comp., 1939; 460 Park Ave. Gals., NYC, 1942 (solo)

Member: Woodstock AA; NAWPS

Work: Burlington Railroad; St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel, Chicago; St. Mary's Chapel, Evanston, IL; Woodstock AA

Comments: Active in Woodstock, NY and NYC from c.1915. Position: staff, art dept., Murray Bros., Chicago.

Sources: WW40; WW27; Petteys, Dictionary of Women Artists, 497; Woodstock AA.