biography of Paul HONORE (1885-1956)

Birth place: Crawford County, PA.

Death place: Phila.

Addresses: Royal Oak, MI

Profession: Painter, blockprinter, decorator, engraver, illustrator, lecturer, teacher, writer

Studied: Detroit Sch. FA; Brangwyn; Wicker; PAFA; Paris

Exhibited: Mus. Art Fnd. Soc., Detroit AI, 1917 (prize); Detroit AI, 1917 (prizes); Scarab Club (prize); AIC; Munic. Art Gal., NY; NYWCS; Cincinnati, OH; St. Louis, MO

Member: Nat. Arts Club; Assoc. Culture, NYC; Fine & Indust. Art Guild; Scarab Club; Mural Painters

Work: Dept. Arch., Univ. Mich.; County Courthouse, Midland, MI; Student Church, East Lansing, MI; Pub. Lib., Dearborn, MI; Player's Club, Detroit; Mich. Bldg., Century of Progress Expo; Detroit AI.

Comments: lllustr.: The Winged Horse Anthology, and Tales Worth Telling.

Sources: WW40; Gibson, Artists of Early Michigan, 134-35.