biography of Jane PETERSON (1876-1965)

Birth place: Elgin, IL

Death place: Leawood, Kansas (home of a niece)

Addresses: Paris, France; NYC/Ipswich, MA

Profession: Painter, designer

Studied: PIA Sch. with A.W. Dow, 1895-1901; ASL with B. Harrison, F.V. DuMond, and H.B. Snell; F. Brangwyn, in London, 1907; in Paris with J.E. Blanche, Ch. Cottet, C. Castelucho, Lhote, and Friesz; in Madrid with Sorolla, 1909

Exhibited: Soc. des Artistes Fran├žais, 1908; St. Botolphe Cl., Boston, 1909; Knoedler Gal., NYC, 1909; Bendann Gal., Balt., 1909; NAD, 32 annuals, 1908-32; AIC, 1910 (solo, 87 paintings), 1914 (solo of 20 garden paintings), 1915-28; PAFA, 12 annuals, 1910-29; Brooklyn AA, 1912; Corcoran Gal biennials, 1914-37 (5 times); Girls AC, Paris, 1915 (prize); Pan.-Pac. Expo, San Fran., 1915; CAFA, 1916 (prize)-17 (prize); S. Indp. A., 1917; NAWA,1919 (prize), 1927 (prize); Erich Gal., NYC, 1925 (29 Turkish paintings); Florida SA, 1938 (prize); Wash. WCC, 1940 (prize); Soc. Four Arts; Florida Fed. Artists, 1937 (prize); Newhouse Gals., NYC, 1946 (solo, flower paintings); All. A. Am., 1952 (Testimonial Award); Gloucester Soc. Artists, 1955 (prize); AAPL, 1955 (prize); North Shore AA, 1960; Phila. WCC; AWCS; NY Soc. Painters; CAFA; Buffalo Mus. Sc.; Cayuga Mus. Hist. & Art; Chautauqua Women's Cl.; Binghamton Mus. Art; Arnot Art Gal.; Montclair Art Mus.; Rutgers Univ.; Audubon Artists; Princeton Univ.; Everhart Mus.; Mint Mus. Art; High Mus. Art; Chattanooga AA; Brooks Mem. Art Gal.; Speed Mem. Mus.; Butler AI; Ball State Teachers Col.; Kenosha Hist. & Art Mus. (solo); Oshkosh Pub. Mus. (solo); Wustum Mus. (solo); Syracuse Mus. FA (solo); Davenport Mun. Art Gal. (solo); Springfield Art Mus. (solo); Philbrook Art Center (solo); Thayer Mus. (solo); Wichita AA (solo); Joslyn Mem. (solo); Crocker Art Gal., Sacramento, CA (solo); Haggin Mem. Gal., Stockton, CA (solo); Santa Barbara Mus. Art (solo); San Jose State College; Hirschl and Adler Gal., NYC, 1970 (solo); Hickory MA, 1987 (retrospective)

Member: AWCS; NAWA; Audubon Artists; PBC; Wash. WCC; Phila. WCC; NY Soc. Painters; AFA; All.Artists Am.; Art Lg. Am.; Miami Art Lg.; Soc. Four Arts, Palm Beach, FL; NYWCC; CAFA; NAC; Hartford Artists; Fed. Fran├žaise des Artistes, Paris.

Work: BM; Grand Rapids AA; Boise City (ID) Art Collection; Sears Art Gal., Elgin, IL; Syracuse Mus. FA; Richmond (IN) Art Mus.; Frances Shimer College; Soc. Four Arts, Palm Beach, FL; Wesleyan College, Macon, GA; Wichita Art Mus.; Brooklyn Athletic Cl.; Pub. Sch., Evanston, IL; Country Cl., Torrington, CT; YMCA, Elgin, IL; Speed Mus.; Boise Pub. Lib.; Rollins Col., Winter Park, FL

Comments: One of the leading women post-impressionist painters of the 1910s-30s, she worked in both oils and gouache, and had more than 100 exhibitions in those years alone. In 1909, after her first success, she changed her birth name from Jennie Christine Peterson to simply Jane Peterson. Many of her New England beach and pier scenes date from c.1916-18. After WWI she resumed her annual trips to Europe, spending six months in Turkey in 1924. She also painted in Bermuda. In 1925 she married a lawyer, M. Bernard Philipp; thereafter, she worked almost exclusively in her studio, painting large floral works (mostly zinnias, petunias, and peonies). Position: teacher, watercolor, ASL, 1913-19. Author: Flower Painting.

Sources: WW66; WW47; J. Jonathan Joseph, Jane Peterson, An American Artist (Boston, 1981); biography in Prominent Women of New York (1945); Rubinstein, American Women Artists, 179-80; Tufts, American Women Artists, cat. nos. 72-73; Falk, Exh. Record Series.