biography of Isabelle Lazarus MILLER (1907-?)

Birth place: Phila., PA

Addresses: Phila., PA

Profession: Painter, craftsperson, educator

Studied: PM Sch. IA; Graphic Sketch Cl.; & with Earl Horter.

Exhibited: Phila. Pr. Cl., 1935 (prize)-36 (prize); PAFA, 1931, 1936, 1942; 100 Prints, 1942; NAD, 1936, 1943-44; AIC, 1938; CAFA, 1940; Grand Rapids A. Gal., 1940; SAGA, 1940--45; AFA Traveling Exh., 1943-45; Southern Pr.M., annually; Northwest Pr.M., 1943; LOC, 1943; Denver A. Mus.; Buffalo Pr. Cl., 1940, 1943; Phila. A. All., annually; Phila. SE.

Member: Phila. Pr. Cl.; Phila. A. All.; AAPL; SAGA.

Work: Atwater Kent Mus.

Sources: WW59; WW47.