biography of Edward J. WORMLEY (1907-1995)

Birth place: Oswego, IL

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Designer

Studied: AIC.

Exhibited: MoMA, 1947-49, 1950 (award), 1951 (award),1952 (award),1954; Arch. Lg., 1947-49; AID, 1950 ( Elsie De Wolfe Award), 1951 (award); BMA, 1951; Akron AI; RISD,1948; Albright-Knox Art Gal., 1947; Dayton AI.

Member: AID (fellow); IDI; Arch. Lg.

Comments: Positions: visiting consultant and lecturer, Cornell University, 1955; board directors, American Craftsmen's Council; America House, Inc.; Int. Graphic Arts Society; Virginia Mills, Inc.; designer, indust. furniture, textile & interior ; design director, Dunbar Furniture Corporation, 1931-42, 1947 and on. Lectures on furniture design & modern design, Harvard Univ., John Herron AI, BMA, Parsons Sch. Des., Pratt Inst., School of the AIC.

Sources: WW66; WW59.