biography of Charles Green SHAW (1892-1974)

Birth place: NYC

Death place: NYC

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Painter, writer, illustrator, designer

Studied: Yale Univ. (Ph.B., 1914); Columbia Univ., 1915; ASL; with Thomas Hart Benton & George Luks.

Exhibited: Salons of Am.; Valentine Gal., NYC, 1934 (first solo), 1938 (solo); S. Indp. A., 1935; Chicago AC, 1938; SFMA, 1938; SAM, 1938; Am. Abstract Artists, 1937-46; AIC, 1943; CI, 1945; WMAA, 1945-63; Fed. Mod. P.S., 1942-46; Inst. Mod. Art, Boston, 1945; Gal. Living Art, NY, 1938; Art of Tomorrow Mus., 1940; Passedoit Gal., 1945; Galerie Pierre, Paris, 1936; Mayor Gal., London, 1936; Berkshire Mus., 1940; 8 x 8 Exh., PMA, 1945; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; Hemisfair, San Antonio; AFA traveling exhib. to Europe & Japan; Century Assn. (first prize for painting); Nantucket Art Assn., 1958 (prize), 1960 (first prize); Corcoran Gal biennial, 1961; PAFA Ann., 1966; Bertha Schaefer Gal., NYC, 1973; R. York Gal., NYC, 1987 (1930s abstractions)

Member: Am. Abstract Artists; Fellow Int. Inst. Arts & Letters; Nantucket AA (executive committee)

Work: PMA; BMA; Detroit Inst. Art, MI; MoMA; MMA; Guggenheim Mus; WMAA

Comments: Publications: author, New York Oddly Enough" (1938); "The Giant of Central Park" (1940); "Moment of the Now" (1969); also, articles and covers for Vanity Fair, The Smart Set, and The New Yorker. Illustrator: "The Milk that Jack Drank" (1944); "Black and White" (1944); "It Looked Like Spilt Milk" (1945); poster for Shel-Mex Ltd.

Sources: WW73; WW47; exh. cat., R. York Gal. (NYC, 1987); American Abstract Art, 198; Falk, Exh. Record Series.