biography of Nikolay FESHIN (1881-1955)

Birth place: Kazan, Russia

Death place: Santa Monica, CA

Addresses: NYC, 1923; Taos, NM, 1926-36; Santa Monica, CA, 1938-55

Profession: Painter, sculptor

Studied: Art School Kazan, Russia, 1894; Imperial Acad. FA, St. Petersburg, with Repin, 1900-09.

Exhibited: Imperial Acad. FA, Petrograd, 1908 (prize); Intl. Glass Palace, Munich, 1909 (gold); Corcoran Gal, 1923, 1926; NAD, 1924 (prize), 1925; AIC; Calif. State Fair, 1930; Exh. Western P., LACMA, 1935 (prize); Fnd. Western A., 1936 (medal); GGE, 1939; Stendahl Gallery, Los Angeles, 1930s-1940s; Maxwell Gallery, San Francisco, 1968

Member: Imperial Acad. FA, Petrograd.

Work: Imperial Acad. FA, Petrograd; Kuingi Galleries, Petrograd; Mus. Kazan; Albright Art Gal.; AIC; Mus. of New Mexico; Nat'l Cowboy Hall of Fame

Comments: Came to the U.S. after the Bolshevik Revolution, doing portraits and teaching in NYC. For health reasons, he moved to Taos in 1927, where his subject matter included Indians, Mexicans and cowboys. He also traveled through Mexico c.1936 and moved to Bali in 1938 but came back to the US by WWII and settled in Santa Monica. Known for his palette knife technique, he employed other unique methods as well. He also did impressionistic wood carving and sculpture. His name at birth was Fetschin.

Sources: WW40; Hughes, Artists of California, 176-177; P&H Samuels, 166.