VHILS (1987)

Alexandre FARTO - Alexandre Manuel Dias Farto VHILS

Alexandre Farto, aka Vhils, was born in 1987 in Portugal and began operating in the streets of his hometown Seixal. Essentially interested in large-scale mural portraits, his artistic and technical skills quickly led to international recognition. Spotted by Banksy in 2008 (he made the front page of The Times newspaper the same year). Vhils expresses himself by chiselling and scratching wall surface thereby attributing a deeper meaning to facades, often referencing the specific architectural significance of the building concerned.

His technique, which consists of chipping away at the material using a chisel, jackhammer or even with acid, has revolutionized the world of graffiti and stenciling. His project “Scratching the Surface Project” has been deployed in the urban spaces of several cities around the world. First sold at auction in 2011, his work is regularly sold in Street Art sales and his Dent Series Number 2 fetched over $40,000 at Galartis, Lausanne in 2015.


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