biography of Charles B. ROGERS (1911-1987)

Birth place: Great Bend, KS

Death place: Ellsworth, KS?

Addresses: Gread Bend, KS; Ellsworth, KS

Profession: Painter, museum director, etcher, lithographer, teacher

Studied: NAD; fellowship, Tiffany Fnd., 1937; Bethany Col. (B.F.A.); Calif. College Arts & Crafts (M.F.A.); with Dong Kingman; Jay Connaway School Art.

Exhibited: NAD; LACMA; Phila. Pr. Cl.; NOAA; Oakland Art Gal.; SAE; Wash. WCC; Gumps, San Francisco;S. Indp. A., 1936-38; Wichita AA; WFNY, 1939; Kansas City AI, 1928 (prize), 1939 (prize); Northwest PM; Alabama AA; CM; Alameda, CA, 1945 (prize); Vendôme Gal. (solo); Mus. New Mexico (solo); Thayer Mus. (solo); Kansas State Agric. Col. (solo); Bethany Col., 1941 (prize), 1943 (prize) (solo); Univ. Oklahoma (solo); Telenews Gal., San Francisco (solo); Kansas State Fair, 1931-32 (prize), thirteen awards in four years; LOC, 1943 (prize). Solos: U.S. Nat. Mus., Smithsonian Inst., Inst. Mex. Norteamericano, Mexico City, Munic. Tower Galleries, Los Angeles, Galleries de Arte, Monterrey, Mexico & Inst. Technology, Rochester, NY. Awards: over 130 art awards including, Am. Inst. Fine Arts & Mikami Award.

Member: SAE; Prairie PM; Calif. Soc. PM; Chicago NJSA; Northwest PM; Soc. Indep. Artists; Progessive AA; Soc. Am. Graphic Artists; Carmel AA; Prairie WC Painters; Kansas Fed. Art (vice-pres., bd. mem., 1971-).

Work: Thayer Mus., Lawrence, KS; Kansas Univ.; Kansas State Women's Cl.; Smoky Hill, Kansas Col.; Hutchinson (KS) Jr. Col.; LOC Pennell Coll., Wash., DC; MMA Arms Coll., NYC; Inst. Mex. Notreamericanos, Mexico City; PMA; Boston Pub. Libr. Commissions: mural, U.S. Govt. Post Office, Council Grove, KS, 1940; Smoky Valley Landscape, Citizens Bank Mem., Ellsw., KS, 1969; Splitter Farm, Dr. Stan Splitter, Oakland, KS, 1971; Autumn in Kansas, C.L. Clark Law Offices, Salina, KS, 1972.

Comments: Positions: manager & asst. dir., Huntington Hartford Foundation, 1954-66; dir., Rogers House Mus.-Gal., 1967-. Teaching: hd. school art, Bethany Col., 1947-53; hd. school art, Kansas Wesleyan Univ.., 1966-67. Collections arranged: The Great West-Paintings & Prints by Charles B. Rogers; Paintings of the Southwest by Peter Hurd, Bethany College. Specialty of gallery: paintings & prints of the great West. Publications: auth., Painting the American West," Artists Magazine, London; auth., "Charles B. Rogers Pleads for the Spirit in Art," Am. Artist Magazine, (August, 1963); auth., "Heart of Art," Art & Artists, 1965; auth., Quill of the Kansan, privately published, 1970.

Sources: WW73; WW47; Ed. Smith, Charles B. Rogers--Artist (Kansas State Publishing, 1968); Art Professor Charles B. Rogers (Kansas State Univ., 1969)"