biography of Roy Henry BROWN (1879-1956)

Birth place: Decatur, IL

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Painter, illustrator

Studied: ASL; Académie Julian, Paris, with J.P. Laurens, 1905; also with Rafaelli and Ménard in Paris.

Exhibited: AIC; Corcoran Gal, 1912-39; PAFA, 1913-14, 1917-19, 1923-30, 1933, 1935-37; SC, 1918 (prize), 1925 (prize), 1930 (prize), 1938 (prize); NAD, 1921 (prize), 1926 (prize); Baltimore WCC, 1923 (prize); NAC, 1924 (med., prize); AWCS, 1937 (med.), 1938 (med.).

Member: NAD (1st vice-pres., 1949-50); New York Hist. Soc.; AWCS (pres., 1939-49); NAC; SC; Century Assn.; Paris AAA; NYWCC.

Work: AIC; Northwestern Univ.; Springfield (IL) AA; NAC; Hackley Gal., MMA; Milwaukee AI; Herron AI; Decatur AI.

Sources: WW53; WW47.