STIK (1979)

Stik - “the stick man” - is a London-based graffiti artist named after his style. His figures painted in the streets are superbly minimalist, with arms and legs all depicted by single lines.

This style, a priori child-like but nevertheless capable of communicating complex and universal emotions, has made him quite a celebrity. In 2011 Stik was living in a St Mungo’s hostel for the homeless while preparing his first exhibition. First appearing at auction in 2013 in London, then in the United States in 2014, and in France and Japan in 2017, his works crossed the $100,000 threshold in 2018. But Stick – who makes no secret of his intention to “upset the art world”, also produces multiples (prints) in runs of tens of thousands of copies so that his art remains accessible to a wider audience.