biography of Manning DeVilleneuve LEE (1894-1980)

Birth place: Summerville, SC

Addresses: Ambler, PA

Profession: Illustrator, painter

Studied: PAFA (European travel scholarship, 1921); Breckenridge; D. Garber; P. Hale; Pearson; Harding.

Exhibited: Gribbs Art Gal;, Charleston, SC, 1920; PAFA, Watercolor Show, 1931; N.W. Ayer & Co., Phila., 1945. Awards: gold medal, Charleston Expos, 1907; second Toppan Prize, PAFA, 1921-23

Member: SSAL; Royal Soc. Arts, London (fellow); Phila. Art All.

Work: six marine paintings, U.S. Naval Acad., Annapolis; William S. Hart Co. Mus., Los Angeles, CA Cranbrook Acad., Birmingham, MI; Pres. Palace, Monrovia, Liberia. Commissions: portraits, of Jacob H. Lowrey, 1922, F. Styers, Supt. U..S Mint, Phila., 1922 & Lawrence Lafore, 1923; Sea Plane PN9, Adm. Rodgers, 1923 & five paintings, Phila. Week Engraving Co., U.S. Naval Acad. Yearbook, 1925

Comments: Preferred media: oils, watercolors, inks. Illustr.: From Star to Star; 1944, Cadmus Henry, 1949; Colt of Destiny, 1950; Night Watch, 1952 & Buffalo trace, 1955; The Blue Fairy Book & The Red Fairy Book (by Andrew Lang, pub. Macrae-Smith); Historic Ships; Historic Railroads; Historic Airships (by Rupert Sargent Holland, pub. Macrae-Smith); When You Grow Up to Vote (by Eleanor Roosevelt); Liberty, MacLeans (Toronto), other national magazines.

Sources: WW73; WW47.