biography of John O'Brien INMAN (1828-1896)

Birth place: NYC

Death place: Fordham, NY

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Portrait and genre painter

Studied: with his father, Henry Inman (1801-46).

Exhibited: NAD, 1853-86; Brooklyn AA, 1861-64; Boston Athenaeum; Artists Fund Soc.

Member: ANA, 1865.

Work: NMAA; NYHS; Mus. City of NY

Comments: Worked in NYC in 1850s as a portrait and miniature painter and later worked in the South and West. In the 1860s, he added still life and landscape painting. In 1866 he went to Europe and spent the next twelve years mostly in Paris and Rome, returning to NYC in 1878. He was known for the high technical accomplishments and details of his paintings.

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