biography of Loren MACIVER (1909-1998)

Birth place: NYC

Addresses: NYC/Cape Cod, MA

Profession: Painter, illustrator

Studied: ASL, 1919 (Saturday classes); mainly self-taught

Exhibited: MoMA, 1936 ("Fantastic, Dada & Surrealist Art"), 1946; East River Gal., 1938 (1st solo); CGA biennials, 1947-63 (6 times, incl. gold medal, 1957); CAM; GGE, 1939; WMAA biennial, 1944-67; PAFA Ann., 1945 (as McIver), 1947, 1950-54, 1958-66; Pierre Matisse Gal., NYC, 1940s-70s; WMAA, 1953 (two-person show with Irene Rice Pereira); AIC, 1961 (first prize); Krannert Art Mus., Univ. Ill., 1963 (purchase prize); Venice Biennale, 1967; Tolouse MFA, 1967; Musée des Beaux Arts, Lyons, France, 1968; Paris-MoMA, 1968; Mus. Ponchettes, Nice, France, 1968. Special awards: Ford Foundation grant, 1960.

Member: NIAL; Un. Am. Artists

Work: MoMA; MMA; WMAA; BM; Newark Mus.; AIC; LACMA; BMA; PMA; Hirshhorn Mus.; CGA; Detroit IA; SFMA; Addison Gal. Am. Art, Andover, MA.

Comments: An abstract painter whose poetic work combines elements of fantasy with observations of nature. She was active in Provincetown, 1930-38. WPA artist, 1936-39. Married to imagist poet Lloyd Frankenberg. Illustrator: Fortune, Town and Country magazines.

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