biography of Samuel COLMAN (1832-1920)

Birth place: Portland, ME

Death place: NYC

Addresses: Brooklyn, NY, 1856-60; travel; NYC/Hudson Valley, 1870s; travel; Newport, RI, 1919

Profession: Landscape, portrait and figure painter, etcher, designer

Studied: Asher B. Durand in NYC; Europe, 1860-62 and 1871-75

Exhibited: Boston Athenaeum; Maryland Hist. Soc.; Brooklyn AA, 1861-85; NAD, 1862-96; Boston AC, 1873-86; PAFA, 1879; AIC, 1896, 1917; Parrish AM, 1984 ("Painter-Etchers" exhib.)

Member: ANA, 1854; NA, 1862; AWCS, (founder; first pres., 1866-71); SAA; NY Etching Club (founder, 1877)

Work: NMAA; Union Lg. Club; NYPL; MMA; AIC; RISD; Penn State Univ.; Shelburne (VT) Mus.

Comments: A watercolor painter and landscape specialist, he became one of the leading painters among the second generation of Hudson River artists. He traveled West in 1870, one year before Thomas Moran; then went to Spain and North Africa; studied in France and Spain. On his return, he had a studio in NYC and a home at Irvington-on-Hudson, painting in the Adirondack Mountains. He went out West again in the early to mid 1880s, painting the Grand Canyon (1882) and visiting California. In 1899 he made another trip to the Pacific Coast. In later years he lived at Newport, RI. He was an avid collector of Orientalia; also did some interor design work with John LaFarge and Louis Comfort Tiffany in the 1880s. Author: Nature's Harmonic Unity (1912); Proportional Form (1920). Alternate spelling: Coleman.

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