biography of Lucille CORCOS (1908-1973)

Birth place: NYC

Death place: NYC

Addresses: New City, NY

Profession: Painter, illustrator, designer, cartoonist

Studied: ASL, with Richard Lahey & Jan Matulka.

Exhibited: S.Indp.A., 1937; Int Exhib Watercolors, AIC, 1939-44; WMAA, 1936-54; La Peintura Contemporanea Norte Americana, travelled to So. Am. cities, 1941; traveling exh., Great Britain; American Painting Today, MMA, 1941-42, 1950; PMG, 1942; Portrait of America, Carnegie Inst, 1941, 194, 1947; BM; Portrait of Am Exhib, Pepsi-Cola Co, 1944 (hon. mention); Audubon Artists, 1946 (hon. mention); NAD, 1947-48; PAFA, 1948; purchase award, Audubon Artist, Grumbacher Co, 1956; Wichita AM, 1981; PAFA, 1948; RISD Mus., 1989, 1991; Babcock Gal., NYC, 1992

Member: Artists Equity Asn New York; Audubon A.; N.Y. S. Indp.A.

Work: WMAA; Bates Col. Mus. Art; Brigham Young Univ. MFA; Mus Tel-Aviv, Israel; U.S. Gypsum Co. Commissions: Kaleidoscope, Waldorf-Astoria" (mural), Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, NYC, 1945; "Boston Pops Concert" (painting), Am Brewers Asn, 1945; "Children's Games" (painting in egg tempera), Life Mag, New York, 1951; "This is Macy's" (painting), Fortune Mag, NYC, 1954; "White Christmas (painting)," Am Weekly, 1957."

Comments: She married the artist, Edgar Levy. Preferred Media: Tempera, Acrylics, Gouache, Watercolors, Ink, Crayon. Publications: Illusr, A treasury of Gilbert & Sullivan, Simon & Schuster, 1941; illusr, Grimm's Fairy Tales, four Vols, Ltd Ed Club, 1962; auth & illusr, From Ungskah to Oyaylee, Pantheon, 1965; illusr & ed, Seeking & finding (multi-media educ prog), Fordham Publ, 1969; auth & illusr, The city book, Golden Press, 1972.

Sources: WW73; WW47; Jean Lipman, The composite scene in primitive painting," Gazette Beaux Arts (1942); "A double view of artists' life," Life Mag (July, 1954); Gailanne Repetti, "The big river on canvas," The Record Mag (Dec 10, 1966); exh. cat., Babcock Gal. (NYC, 1992)."